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About Us



Our company was founded in 1989 under the brand name “ΜΕ.ΚΑ.ΒΕ. General Partnership” and continues to operate to this day under the brand nameKONTOGEORGOS & Co. Ltd” and the distinctive name BMK  METAL.

The main activity of our company is the construction and erection of

1)Metal industrial installations
2)Metal buildings
3) Metal lofts and all kinds of metal structures, as well as
4)Building - conversion - repair and maintenance works on ships.

Our perfect mechanical equipment, which consists of cutting shears (max 25 mm), a modern plasma pantograph, bandsaw machines (max 800 mm), conventional and CNC punching machines, shears and 250tn sheet metal folders, as well as our workers and technicians, who are experienced in design, and our experienced executives, ranks us among the most reliable companies in the field of metal constructions.

Advantages of Metal Constructions:

  • Construction and erection speed
  • Seismic protection and longer life
  • Low cost of construction compared to conventional structures as well as reduced insurance contributions
  • Possibility of expanding and transferring the structure to another place
  • Greater design flexibility to meet customer requirements, and
  • Maximum degree of sound insulation in residences.


Our privately owned premises are located at the 7th km of the old Lamia - Stylida national road and consist of a 3,000 m2 (0.74 acres) production building, a 2,000 m2 (0.50 acres) warehouse, and a 360 m2 (0.09 acres) office building, all of which built on a total area of 26,000 m2 (6.42 acres).
Our company has established and maintains a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 for the Construction and Maintenance of Metal Industrial Buildings and Metal Structures. Our main suppliers are:


2) Bitros Holdings S.A.,

3)Kordelos Bros S.A.,

4) Sidma S.A. Steel Products

5)Panelco S.A., all of which are accompanied by their material quality certificates.